The Orchid Recovery Center Is A Celebrated Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

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The Orchid Recovery Center is a celebrated drug and alcohol rehabilitation center based in Southern Florida and catering specifically to women with substance abuse problems. Females are who the Orchid Recovery Center caters their services to. Almost every rehabilitation center claims to be able to treat both men and women, at the same time, with the same system of recovery. The Orchid Recovery Center’s mission is to help female substance abuse patients by meeting the specific needs that female substance abusers have.

Patterns of substance abuse are different in women than in men. They have different causes, different progressions, and different solutions. The Orchid Recovery Center was founded in an effort to meet the unique, complicated, needs that female substance abuse patients have.

Guilt, blame problems, and social stigmas are just a few of the problems that can prevent female substance abuse patients from getting the help they need. Female substance abuse patients are also more likely than males to also suffer from some sort of deep-rooted mental health problem or self-image problem. This, in conjunction with their substance abuse problem, can create a situation which normal substance abuse programs are not equipped to handle. Dr. Karen Dodge is the doctor who developed the “Orchid Model”, which is the unique program the Orchid Recovery Center makes use of