By creating a support group of women, the Orchid approaches healing holistically and helps women improve their overall health and mindset.

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Women Suffering From Addiction Now Have A Rehab Designed Especially For Them

Researchers are beginning to understand that men and women enter into addictions differently, and because of that, they need to be treated differently. A woman’s body composition and hormonal balance is much different from a man’s and these differences affect how drugs and alcohol interact with her body. More importantly is the fact that these differences also affect how a woman should be treated for her addiction. What works for men won’t necessarily work for a woman.

Also, psychologically, women who enter into addiction usually have a different narrative pattern than men, simply meaning that women have a greater tendency to develop addictions to cope with trauma and emotional pain than men. And when you factor in the enormous social and cultural pressures that women must face, it’s easy to see why they’re more prone to addiction than men are.

That’s the premise on which Orchid Recovery Center was founded. Orchid is an alcohol and drug treatment center designed specifically for women who are suffering with addiction or unresolved trauma.

Orchid Recovery Center isn’t just unique in that they only provide rehab to women, but also because the rehab experience is much richer than other rehabs. At Orchid, women who are suffering with addiction and pain caused by trauma will deal not only with those issues, but with their physical well-being, emotional well-being and their spiritual well-being. The Orchid staff offers a truly comprehensive experience that’s designed to heal the whole woman.

Orchid Recovery Center offers the following treatment programs:

· Drug Treatment

· Drug Addictions

· Prescription Drug Addiction

· Sober Living

· Interventions

The staff at Orchid Recovery Center is aware that many women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are also suffering with other psychiatric conditions, the most common being mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and general anxiety disorder. Orchid believes that many rehab centers fail to effectively treat women who are dual-diagnosed and that failure almost always undermines her progress with sobriety. To restore women suffering from multiple issues, Orchid believes that both conditions must be treated together.

If you or someone you know is in desperate need of the specialized help that Orchid Recovery Center can provide, please visit their website at www.orchidrecoverycenter.com or contact them directly at 1-888-672-4435.

The Orchid

Alcohol and drug abuse can have devastating effects, on an individual and familial level. Addiction can come from many different places, but unresolved trauma is a particularly difficult facet of overcoming addiction. But the Orchid, an alcohol and drug treatment center dedicated to focusing on the specific needs of women, can help. At the Orchid, women are given a safe haven in which they can explore unresolved trauma and heal.

The underlying reasons for addiction are different for men and women because men and women respond to societal and cultural pressures differently. In addition, men and women respond to the affects of drugs and alcohol is different ways. The Orchid knows this and has designed its program around this concept. Women are more prone than men to developing addiction as a response to trauma or emotional pain. By examining those painful experiences, whether they are emotional, physical or sexual, can shed invaluable light on addiction. Understanding these aspects can be the key to beating addiction once and for all. The Orchid is designed as a place to heal right down to the interior design of the facility.

By creating a support group of women, the Orchid approaches healing holistically and helps women improve their overall health and mindset. Through nutritional counseling, exercise, massage therapy, and emotional support, women can begin their lives again in a safe and loving place at the Orchid.

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